Field Studies on Chatbots in Customer Service


As today’s customers expect fast, convenient, and personal customer service, organizations are faced with an increasing pressure to innovate. Disappointing customer service threatens customer loyalty and revenue growth. Consequently, many organizations are planning to use chatbots as a channel that offers rich 24/7 customer service. However, interacting with chatbots often does not feel natural and human-like, which results in a poor user experience. Consequently, satisfaction with and acceptance of chatbots by customsers remains rather low. To address this challenge, we collaborate with our industry partner EnBW. We specifically aim to:

  1. Conduct chatbot design workshops to analyse the current design features (i.e., social cues) of EnBW’s chatbots and understand how they influence customer perceptions and behavior
  2. Develop a concept for the systematic introduction and evaluation of previously identified and newly introduced social cues for EnBW’s chatbots
  3. Conduct field experiments to test and evaluate different designs of EnBW’s chatbots with real customers in different customer service scenarios

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